Welcome to Kubatana Marimba Southwest's Website. The site is a work in progress with more photos and video on their way.

Upcoming Performances

Plans for the Summer of 2014

On Saturday, May 31 we travel south to Mountainair, NM to play a Manzano Mountain Art Council event outdoors. The location of this concert is at the Mountain Arts on Broadway (MAOB) , 122 East Broadway, in Mountainair. If you are not already familiar with this town and the Art Council activities there, check this link for a display of their 2014 Season Brochure. The town is about 1-1/2 hours SE of Albuquerque at the intersection of US 60 and NM 55. Admission is free.

On Saturday, June 21 for the fourth year we have been invited to play at the Albuquerque Mama's Minerals Arts and Crafts Fair . There has always been a good crowd for this event and we enjoy playing it. Again, we're first up at 10:00 am and will play until 11:30 so come on down early to beat the crowds and join the fun. The fair includes over 120 booths and is located at 1100 San Mateo Blvd NE (NE corner Lomas & San Mateo - ACE Courtyard). Free of course. (Tips appreciated.)

On Saturday, August 9 we play another concert for the Saturday Sunset Series at the Double Shelter Amphitheater in the Elena Gallegos Open Space. This will be the second time we have played in this venue, the last time being July 2010 when we had a record turnout. Concert starts 7 pm and is free.

On Saturday, September 6 we return to the Downtown Growers' Market in Robinson Park. We'll start playing ~ 10 AM so rise and shine, get some veggies early and hang out with us for a few hours under the trees! Albuquerque's Robinson Park is located between 8th and 10th Streets and between Central and Copper Avenues. Free. (Tips always appreciated. )